Master Builders

Two Greek architects named Iktinos and Callicrates designed the Parthenon, but by the time of the European Middle Ages there were no architects trained as such and thought of as such. What they had was Master Builders. It was the Master Builder who oversaw the construction of the Gothic cathedrals, the wonder of the world. For some time now we have placed our foreign policy in the hands of foreign policy architects like Henry Kissinger, who have, by and large, done well. The election of 2016 seems now to be a return to the Master Builder. We shall see if President Trump builds cathedrals.

Stone by stone the structures rose
Until they pierced the sky
Sidewalls of colored glass that those
Who saw them wondered why
They did not fall of their own weight
So elegant and pure
Cathedrals built to educate
The princes and the poor
As so cathedrals of the mind
Can rise to bidden heights
So too a Master Builder find
The place to set his sights
The Master Builder sets his gaze
Upon the tested land
And stone by stone over the days
It’s there he makes his stand

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