Master Of The Game

The troubles in Gaza continue apace, despite the occasional cease fire, cease fires Barack Obama claims are the result of his super smooth diplomacy. Barack Hussein Obama believes he is Master of the Game, and that, as Master, the world spins clockwise or counterclockwise as he desires. Barack Hussein Obama is indeed Master of the Game, and the game is one I played as a ten year old. It is called Go Fish.

Cards close to his vest, the Obama then said
“Please sir, do you have any 2s?”
The well armed young Muslim just smiled, shook his head
And said, “Sir, you surely amuse.
I’ve missiles and car bombs, machine guns as well
And tunnels we’re certain to use
To kill all the Jews and despised Infidel
And yes sir, I have but no 2s.”
With squinted shut eyes and a harsh wire beard
The Muslim said, “Now it’s my turn
And now my good sir it is just as you feared
Your 8s now I surely shall earn.”
“An 8 I do have, and a knave is to blame!
An ingr8, yes!” O fairly cried
And Ben Netanyahu is surely his name!
A small man I have cast aside!”
Within the dead calm came the harsh words so vile
Obama’s eyes turned into glass
“I win,” smiled the Muslim, “I’ll watch all the while
You kiss wet the Prophet’s smooth ass.”
And so the game came to its well destined close
Obama had gotten his wish
To lose to the Muslims is just why he chose
To play a nice game of Go Fish

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