We’ve Come To Help

The Yezhidi, an ancient Christian sect, are trapped in their tens of thousands on a mountain in Kurdistan, and every man, woman and child will die as soon as the murderous Muslim ISIS reaches them. I have long wondered where and when the tipping point would arrive, the point where the elephant tires of the ants biting his ankles and stomps on them. That point, I believe, will come when a nuclear device or bomb takes out London or Paris or Tel Aviv and not before. The Yezhidi will die, despite Obama’s targeted air strikes. Without Special Forces on the ground and B-52s overhead the Yezhidi will die. Without massive heavy equipment rushed to the Peshmerga, the Yezhidi will die. Without the 82nd and the 101st and the 10th Mountain division holding the mountains, the Yezhidi and the Peshmerga will die. None of this will happen under the Valerie Jarrett administration. And so it will come down to the elephant enduring the bites of the ants until the tipping point is reached, after which the Middle East will be returned to the seventh century. The sorrow is it all could have been avoided.

At dusk the distant mountains loom
Against a darkling sky of doom
Yezhidi women softly weep
As hungry children try to sleep
Below them monsters climb the hills
Intent upon the easy kills
In Washington Obama speaks
And bravely claims he rules the peaks
That ISIS will now rue the day
They put the USA in play
He says that soon UN will rule
That ISIS build the kids a school
And feed the older girls and boys
And turn in guns for baby toys
When that day comes, Obama claims
The history books will take the names
Of all, like him, who made the peace
A world where violence will cease
We’ve come to help our Kurdish friends
As soon as we define the ends
In meantime we sit idly by
And watch the brave Yezhidi die

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