Maybe It’s All In My Mind

My paranoia is well under control most of the time, but even so it seems it’s getting worse. At the University of California at Berkeley, quite possibly the most radical Leftist Progressive school in the United States, Muslim and other minority students viciously harass and attack Jewish students without consequence from the administration. The NFL is losing TV viewers because some players have fallen for the SJW and Black Lives Matter propaganda that white cops are out to kill young black men and so to show solidarity some NFL millionaires decided to disrespect the flag, to the anger of white people who decided not to watch the games, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell praises the guys who piss on the flag, while knowing that if it continues and expands he risks the NFL becoming a regional game again, with no national television ratings and therefore no money to pay the millionaires protesting the terrible lot of the black man. But maybe it’s just me.

I look out and what do I find
Safe spaces are all underlined
Diverse kids to use
But not for the Jews
But maybe it’s all in my mind
A flag is why people can bind
Together to be of one kind
But Roger Goodell
Says he thinks it is swell
That piss on Old Glory’s designed
To focus the light on the grind
On those that the law left behind
Where white cops will kill
Young black men at will
But maybe it’s all in my mind

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