History Lesson

In the beginning years of the late American Republic, German immigrants settled in the mountains of western North Carolina, and named their settlement Wachovia, and their capitol city Charlotte, after an obscure German princess. The Wachensians, as they called themselves, set about building a prosperous and peaceful life in the new world. Over time the demographics changed and Wachovia was no longer majority German. Shortly before the great race wars of the twenty-first century the American people elected as president an African American man, who by his words and actions, stoked the latent fires of racial conflict dormant for many generations. Following the lead of the black president, racist black organizations began calling for and bringing about the deaths of police officers, leading to the open race war that began with the siege of Charlotte, after a policeman shot an African American man who had drawn a gun on him. The largely African American city of Charlotte erupted in violence. Police and National Guardsmen were killed, as were many armed rioters, arsonists and looters. The violence spread to the major cities of Baltimore, Philadelphia and St. Louis. Cities burned and whites were dragged from their cars and murdered. The riots were contained, though not until after there were many thousands killed and wounded. Low grade warfare continued, and a nervous and fearful white majority elected a strong man in the national election of 2020. Iron fist force finally brought the race wars under control, and a year later the president declared himself President for Life.

And so it ended, as all things must
The constitution ground to dust
The rule of law a notion scorned
No memory, the past unmourned
The strong in charge, the weak on knees
With bird pecked bodies hung from trees
But all was calm, the race war gone
The country that had at the dawn
Been free and lighted up the sky
Had been attacked and left to die

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