Memories Of Youth

The older we get the less we think about China and politics and the more we think of our friends of the past, remembering the good times, the laugh times, the girls and women, and most of all, we think about our best buddy, the guy we grew up with, drank beer with, argued with sometimes all night until we staggered, singing, to our homes. The faces and voices are as clear and sharp as the day they were formed. The faces and the voices and the memories last only as long as we do, but that’s enough.

My best friend lived only a bike ride away
The playground and baseball each bright summer day
We played high school ball and we dreamed our bright dreams
But life is quite different from high school it seems
We drifted apart, each with children and wife
But mem’ries of youth stay the rest of our life
Then there was the woman who fair took my heart
Just eighteen we were, but ‘twas love from the start
Sun-lit golden hair and eyes cornflower blue
Nose dusted with freckles and instant I knew
But she went away, and I think now and then
I’d give all I have just to see her again
As she was back then when the world was still new
Sun-lit golden hair and eyes cornflower blue