The Saga Of Gundar Hafnilsson

Mad Gundar is my name
And thunder is my game
I sail the storm-tossed seas of ice and cold
I cross the ocean wide
Beyond the great divide
Once crossed by ancient mariners of old
To lands far in the west
Where once none would have guessed
That skraelings would have danced upon the shore
We landed in a bay
And gathered round to pray
And gave our thanks to god almighty Thor
We stayed for but a while
For thanks to skraeling guile
Those skraeling arrows did us greatly harm
We struggled to resist
And greatly did insist
We came thus not to conquer but to farm
The long trip home was tough
The sea was very rough
And many seamen took it quite unwell
With dragon ships awash
With pemmican and squash
The decks became aslick with every swell
When Norway we did reach
And stumbled up the beach
We loudly claimed discovery’s holy grail
We found the western lands
With glory in our hands
And history would praise our gallant sail
But history I cursed
Leif Erickson was first
According to the folks who were not there
The lies they told did hurt
My voice grew shrill and curt
But truth to tell most folks seemed not to care
Yes Gundar is my name
And thunder is my game
And though my crew and I are getting old
We sail toward setting sun
And till Leif’s fame is done
We sail the sea of ice and bitter cold
Yes, we shall sail the sea of ice and bitter cold