Michael, Meet Vladimir

Michael Moore’s new movie calls for the destruction of capitalism, and by definition, of the United States. Michael Moore should meet Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who knew what to do with useful idiots whose usefulness was at an end. The question is, is Michael Moore part of a larger leftist plan? I don’t think so; the Left has no plan, only feelings. Like the hive, they support one another even though there may be little awareness of the others in the hive. Think about it – seemingly mindless left-wing excesses like cap and trade, the acquisition of the automobile and banking industry by the Federal government, the debasement of the currency by the trillions of dollars of debt rung up by the Obama administration through the stimulus bills and deficit budgets to the point where the Chinese and others are no longer going to finance our debt and are calling for another world currency to supplant the dollar, and lastly, but not at all leastly, the government’s efforts to take over the health care system, one seventh of the nation’s economy. Is all this part of a long term, carefully thought out plan? I don’t believe so. It’s what happens spontaneously when the Left gains control. Give the Left power and we all start careening down the rain-swept gutter in a little boy’s paper boat.



Like paper boats careening in the gutter

Rain-swept toward the beck’ning sewer

The Left clings to its mindless clutter

Of old grim thoughts of something newer

They cry Democracy and Freedom

They understand it’s all a lie

They think we’re Dylan’s Tweedle-dee dumb

They’ll build the gulag’s where we’ll die

The movie men believe in heaven

Believe that heaven loves its stars

They think they’ll always roll a seven

They think they’ll be the lucky czars

They think it’s fine that others be killed

And think it surely won’t be them

Now silent killing fields are soon filled

With all the lefty crème de crème

How can they not know recent history

They’ve heard of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot

The rain-swept gutter is no mystery

It leads to sewers like as not