How Dare You Look Behind The Curtain

The Obama administration is gearing up to launch a counter-attack on the Tea Party folk, and anyone else who does not see the wisdom and sacramental nature of the Obama program to socialize the country. As we speak, minions are fanning out across the country, screaming and screeching, convinced that if they but scream and screech loud enough and often enough the American public will come to their senses and embrace the Sacred Truth as espoused by the Anointed One, President Barack Hussein Obama. They hoodwinked the country in November of 2008, let us see if they can hoodwink us again. 



The Yalie man in just pressed suit

Declares the question is now moot

The game is won we just don’t know the score

The President has made his bones

By naming truther nut Van Jones

To be the front man for the green scam store

Now Jones is gone and for his pains

The president can make no gains

With terroristic people who shout No!

To everything the Prez can try

To shake this country out to dry

And listen not to what their betters know

Those jobless figures now it seems

Are just one of the rightwing schemes

To make the stimulation seem inept

A trillion here a trillion there

We can’t see why the folks would care

That we pulled that one off while people slept

The VP says that jobs were saved

With bridges built and roadways paved

And anyway the numbers just don’t lie

And Mr. Gibbs just smiles and says

We have a most enchanting Prez

Who faced with No! will do it on the sly