Micro Drones

We are all familiar with the large drones the CIA is operating, Global Hawk, Predator, that deliver death to our enemies from the unseen sky. Well, things are moving along the technological line that sees everything get smaller and better. The United States military is working on drones that are so small they fit in the palm of the hand, can enter buildings, and with their microsensors let us know what is going on behind closed doors. That, of course, is not the end. Drones will get smaller still, to microscopic size, the better to get under the skin of our enemies.



The four star General rubbed his chin

His stubbled whiskers rasped

So tiny was the little craft

It’s size could not be grasped

The lab technician smiled and said

We’ve reached the final stage

A drone this small will make you smile

And soon be all the rage

A micron wide, a micron long

A micron deep as well

Designed to torment and to drive

Our enemies to hell

Our enemies are everywhere

The General sadly said

The New York Times and NBC

They want the US dead

That’s what this little baby does

Said lab tech with a grin

We’re able now to do the worst

Get under liberals’ skin



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