The Glorious Fourth Of June

The mainstream media has allowed the fourth of June to pass without comment on the incredible events of June 4, 1942. Shortly after those events John Ford, the famous Hollywood director, created a film honoring the gallant sacrifice of Torpedo Squadron 8 (VT-8) at the Battle of Midway, June 4, 1942. The film was never shown publicly. He gave it to the families of the men who gave their lives that morning north of Hawaii, gave their lives knowing they had little chance, in their obsolete Devastators, to survive a torpedo attack on the Japanese carriers. Yet they did attack, and were shot down and killed, all save a young ensign named George Gay, who survived to witness the arrival of the dive bombers just minutes after Torpedo Squadron 8, by their gallant attack, had drawn the Japanese fighter planes down to wave top level, leaving the sky clear for the Dauntless dive bombers to come in and sink all four Japanese carriers.



The men of VT-8 knew well

Their planes were obsolete

They knew that they stood little chance

To strike Nagumo’s fleet

But still they lumbered down the deck

That sparkling summer morn

And flew their Devastators true

And thus are heroes born

Their sacrifice was not in vain

For soon and very soon

The Dauntlesses made history on

That Glorious Fourth Of June

Some say that men like that belong

To ages gone and past

But no, such men will heed the call

However long we last

Should freedom last a thousand years

They’ll hear the fifer’s tune

And drummer boys will swell with pride

On the Glorious Fourth of June



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