Missiles, Schmissiles

President Obama, in addition to proposing the cancellation of the F-22 program, the only fighter now in our inventory that can fight and defeat the newest Russian fighters, fighters that Russia is busily exporting to our enemies, also proposes drastically reduced funding for the missile shield designed to protect us against rogue strikes from regimes such as North Korea and Iran.  Since Obama has already declared that terror attacks will no longer be called terror attacks, but Man Made Disasters, and The War On Terror has been renamed Overseas Contingencies, I assume North Korea and Iran are no longer considered enemies, but Friends Who Have Yet To Embrace Us.  With the missile shield down, and Iran and North Korea building nukes and missiles, we must hope that President Obama’s charm will deflect any incoming.



Regardless of the fact it’s late

I sit here contemplating fate

The news from DC sits not well

And so I take up pen to tell

How horrified I am to hear

That O has canceled what I fear

Will one day prove to be our sole

Defense against Islamist goal

Of taking our fair country down

And driving us into the ground

With missiles tipped with warheads that

Will get to us in nothing flat

Where is that famous missile shield

That Bush and Reagan had us wield

It’s gone for O said come what may

That it’s not needed.  Let us pray



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