Missing Voters

We have all heard that had the same number of votes cast for McCain in 2008 been cast for Romney in 2012, Romney would have won the 2012 election. This has led many to speculate as to the reason so many Republican voters stayed home, preferring to see Obama continue his destruction of the country to voting for Romney. But maybe it wasn’t missing Republican voters but missing Republican votes in 2012 that re-elected Barack Obama. Almost all voting machines are now digital, with results sent to central servers rather than the votes being counted by hand from paper ballots. We know how easy it is for hackers to get into those servers, so why would we assume the Left would refrain from hacking the system and removing Republican votes from the totals in selected close races in swing states? The history of Leftist fascism, which is what we now are governed by, suggests they would do anything, legal or illegal, to retain power. What does this mean for 2016? It means the Republican vote must be on the order of Nixon 1972 to prevent a recurrence of the stolen election of 2012.

Those missing voters cast their votes
They simply were not counted
The Dems just smiled, took off their coats
And soon the Dem vote mounted
While GOP votes fell away
Deleted by Dem hackers
Votes cast, not counted, not today
Delighting Hussein’s backers
Where is the Repub hacking team
Why not counterattacking
If Dems can play, so it would seem
So could GOP hacking
The end is clear, the goal in sight
Each side’s whole vote deleted
All tied at zero through the night
And endlessly repeated
But what if only one side cheats
The Dems are known to do so
I’ll pack my bags and take clean sheets
And join Robinson Crusoe

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