The Nimr Of The Beast

The Mullahs in Teheran are very touchy about insults, perceived or otherwise, and they perceive the Saudi beheading of a Shia cleric named Nimr to be a grievous insult indeed. Not that they are morally against beheadings, but they are morally against someone beheading one of theirs. And so the simmering pot boils and if it boils over the Middle East may wind up with a lot of oil covered with a thick sheet of red-hot glass.

Teheran has just said howdy
To the infidel beast Saudi
And the Kingdom quakes like leaflets in the wind
As the pot begins to simmer
All because a guy named Nimr
Said some things that made the Saudis say he sinned
Now the Russians have their fingers
In the pot with Putin zingers
Being hurled about while China sits and waits
ISIS seems not to be dreading
The direction Barack’s heading
As the whole thing comes apart with failing States
Yes the writing’s on the wall and
Like the beach before a squall and
Like some kids who start a fight with stones and sticks
Things may well get out of hand and
Turn the desert blood red sand and
Find the Nimr on the wall is 666

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