Moral Violence

The morality of the Left is visible in the violence committed by the Left against everything Trump. Cars belonging to Trump supporters are vandalized; Trump supporters are attacked and assaulted by paid thugs at Trump rallies; Trump lawn signs are stolen and destroyed and the homeowner assaulted if he protests. The Leftist terrorist group Black Lives Matter leave the White House after a warm embrace from Obama to continue their campaign to kill white cops. Leftist commentators in the Leftist media exhort their listeners to employ violence against all things Trump. American politics was never beanbag, but not since pre-Civil War days has physical assault on political opponents by Democrats been so violent. But then, it is to be expected. The Left is in power, and the Left does not give up power without violence.

The Left will always do what’s right
Believing that the Truth makes Might
And kindly entertaining fools
While always playing by the rules
But there are times when patience stirs
At nasty words and night-dark slurs
Hurled by the horrid venal Right
That makes them feel that they must fight
Despite their moral views on force
And so they take to sword and horse
And lay they waste on Right-wing fields
To show that disrespect still yields
A reprimand, a slight, a curse
And if repeated much, much worse
The Left believes their moral strain
Makes them more moral in the main
Than those who live in moral sin
And who will feel he lash begin
To bite the blackened hearts of they
Who bend the knee and dare to pray

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