The Pitchfork Blues

If the media were honest the people would be marching on Washington with pitchforks. The Washington elite, mannered and manored, Democrat and Republican, is corrupt to the core, and has no interest in the welfare of the country beyond its benefit to themselves. This is why Trump scares the hell out of the mannered Republican Washington establishment, who would much prefer a Clinton in the White House because she would keep the good times rolling for them, as opposed to the possible, but not at all certain, negative effect that a president Trump might have on the putrid corruption that is Washington. It is enough that Trump is an unknown quantity, and therefore a possible danger to their continued power and continued feeding at the public trough. The Obama administration has politicized and criminalized the Justice Department and the FBI, and neither will ever be trusted again. The Obama administration attempted to destroy the Little Sisters of the Poor because they would not surrender their religious faith to the Imperial class that demanded obedience. The Congressional Republicans have not lifted a finger in the past almost eight years to stop Obama from running the country off a cliff, and they have not lifted a finger to oppose him because they are all on the same team. Will Trump be able to divert the Potomac River to cleanse this Augean stable? We shall see, but ultimately it all comes down to pitchforks in the hands of irate, vengeful and patriotic citizens.

The G-men, they of ancient fame
Have seen Jim Comey trash their name
The fix was in from very start
The FBI would do its part
To see not that which others saw
And thus contempt show for the law
A Hillary is not concerned
That evidence is quickly burned
Though fire now has been replaced
By Bleach-bit and the files erased
The Democrats will put in jail
Republicans if they should fail
To understand that might makes right
The Constitution set alight
The mannered know which fork to use
And soon will sing the pitchfork blues

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