Mother’s Milk

The Left has been wildly successful in convincing the American public that left is right and red is blue. The communist wing of the Democratic Party, which embraced Stalin in the 1930s and 1940s, portrayed, with the help of such as the New York Times, Adolf Hitler and fascism in general as right wing, when in fact Nazism and fascism were as socialist and leftist as communism. The left did this to serve as a counterweight in the public mind to the murderous excesses of their beloved Stalin. In the same way the Democrat left was able to change the color of Republicans from conservative blue to communist red, transferring the conservative blue to represent themselves. The KKK, a Democrat organization since its birth in 1868, is now associated in the public’s mind with the Republicans. Right wing organizations are now described as Nazis, who were in fact left wing socialists. And so it goes. Reverse images in search of political advantage. Recently, a right wing organization legally protesting the destruction of our history by the very left wing governor of Virginia who had ordered the removal of a statue of Civil War General Robert E. Lee, were set upon by a radical left wing group called Antifa, and when the protesters defended themselves a riot ensued, which the media and politicians instantly blamed on the peaceful protesters. There is hardly a murmur from the left when leftists burn down buildings, riot in the streets, set cars on fire and ambush and murder police officers, but let the peacefully assembled defend themselves and cries of rage ring from the left, and we all know who gets blamed.

The Left has always been a curse
A cult of bloody claws
A witch’s cult that would reverse
Our history and laws
And make a helot of us all
Subservient and weak
So let the sacred statues fall
Until the free men speak
And cleanse the Earth of such vile scum
Progressives and their ilk
For free men marching to the drum
Are freedom’s mother’s milk

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