We’re Tired Of You

The governing class and their elitist enablers do not realize what is happening. They do not realize that they have overstayed their welcome, and the tumbrels are already lined up in the side streets. Like the Bourbons, they will try desperately to cling to power, but when the ordinary people have come to the conclusion that they must go, then they will go. Whether the going is bloody or not bloody will be up to them. They would be wise to depart with some dignity and grace, or they will depart in inert horizontality.

No longer is the guillotine
The arbiter of choice
But still they will depart the scene
Because we have a voice
In what we think and what we do
And how we want to live
And so we say to red and blue
That something has to give
We’re tired of lies and smarmy tricks
Of politics comes first
We’re tired of you just throwing bricks
And blood lust quenching thirst
We’re tired of posing righteous rage
At all the other does
We know you all read the same page
Where what is is is was
We’re tired of your demonstrable
Sneered attitude toward us
So we are not responsible
For starting up the bus
That runs you over as you lie
In fear of what you’ve wrought
And so it’s over, sine die
The one way ticket’s bought

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