Mr. Chamberlain

Events in Ukraine are reaching a tipping point. Russian Special Forces have invaded the Crimea, and Obama has nothing energetic to say. Everyone who has read half a dozen books about the events of the 1930s will be struck by the similarities between Putin, Obama and Neville Chamberlain. The Washington Post calls Putin “Mr. Putin”, just as the papers of the day referred to the Chancellor as Mr. Hitler. And the similarity between Chamberlain and Obama is striking. Chamberlain waved a piece of paper, Obama waves his pen. And the slide to war continues.

The polished table, chairs aligned
Sat silent in the room
The doors swung open, aides arrived
Their faces strained with gloom
Then entered Mr. Chamberlain
He’d come to save the peace
To plead with Hitler and to ask
That he’d agree to cease
His actions that upset the world
By all the warlike scares
He’d work with Hitler, that good man
To settle world affairs
Of course we know what happened then
And history repeats
The self same thing is here again
The table and the seats
Are filled with those who cry for peace
While watching Kiev burn
And Putin smiles for well he knows
The fools will never learn

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