The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

The Bible says the meek shall inherit the earth. Well, if they do it will be because we gave it to them out of a sense of guilt at our success versus their failure. Failure today has its own reward. The failures today have a heightened sense of entitlement, demanding from the successful and the hard working that they, the failures and the nonworking, are entitled to share in what the workers have earned, on the theory that the successful have stolen their success and money from the unsuccessful. Western society, North America and Europe, have accepted the claim of the nonproductive and the failures to compensation for their failure, to the extent that enormous and continuing benefits given to the nonproductive have brought the economies of Western Europe to collapse and the economy of the United States is the shakiest it has ever been. What cannot continue will not continue, and the free lunch that incentivizes people to not work will either come to an end or the free lunch will destroy the democracies.

We sit around our tables, mouthing words to salve our guilt
Believing as we do that wealth is theft
Not understanding that the world we know is one we built
And that when we are gone it will be left
To those who know not how to build a steamship or a train
Whose lives are short and trampled in the dust
By poverty we try to mend with help we give in vain
The money never going to the just
We look at hungry children and our hearts cry out in grief
Why has a providential nature fled
And left the weakest of them with a life so sadly brief
To lie alone among the countless dead
Why is it we are blessed to have such wealth so much at hand
While others struggle just to stay alive
Could it just be that we rolled up our sleeves to tame the land
And fought the world we knew just to survive
Inventing science and a faith allowing us to live
Our lives as God and science would allow
Arriving as we did at last with surpluses to give
To those who think we stole it anyhow

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