Mr. Lucky

When the Roman Senate selected a Consul, the deciding factor in their decision was the answer to the question, Is he lucky? If they answer was yes, he was confirmed. But can a whole country be lucky? I’m not so sure. Can an entire country of three hundred million be willing to take a risk? I don’t think this is in the consciousness of the electorate. If Trump is elected those voting for him will not consciously be taking a risk, because if they thought it was risky to have a President Trump very few would vote for him. No, I don’t think it is luck or willingness to take a risk that has made America what it has been, it is the men and women who lived under a nation of laws, constitutionally guaranteed and protected rights and agreed upon obligations, that made this country what it was and is in the process of losing because of the insidious shredding of the law and constitution carried out by the Left over the past seventy years. A President Donald Trump cannot reverse this cultural destruction by himself, regardless of time in office, even with a compliant Republican congress. But we must start there. I am not one who believes that a Hillary Clinton presidency will mean the end of the United States. Far from it. But it will delay the inevitable revolution.

The country is more than its lakes and streams
A country is people with hopes and dreams
A people who know that come the test
It will be passed, like all the rest
The country’s had is sad travails
Brief journeys down some darkened trails
But in the end it comes out right
We are the brightest star at night
The beacon on the rocky shore
We are all that, and much, much more

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