The Whiching Hour

Which shall it be? Democracy or tyranny? The approaching election will decide which type of government we will leave to our children and grandchildren; a Constitutional Republic or a Leftist authoritarian kleptocracy. The Obama administration has already politicized and criminalized the Justice Department and the FBI, has already politicized and criminalized the IRS, and a Clinton administration will further the leftward pull of tyranny and continue and enhance the criminality of the Clinton Foundation.. Which shall it be, a government of laws or a government of whims? An independent Justice Department and an independent and incorruptible FBI or the KGB? Government agencies run on democratic principles or government agencies that punish critics of the State? A Supreme Court that believes in the Constitution and the law, or a Supreme Court that says the Constitution is a racist document written by dead white slave owners, in fierce denial of the fact that the Democratic Party, from birth to the current day, has been and is the Party of slave owners. Which kind of government shall it be? Government of the people, by the people and for the people, or government of, by and for the political and victim classes?

The FBI, not what it’s been
She broke the law, the fix was in
Top secret docs, for sale or rent
The secrets sold, but no intent
The Clintons get what they are owed
A charity and money flowed
Obama sicced the IRS
On enemies, but I digress
The witch rides high upon her broom
The houred time that marks our doom
Perhaps this time the broom won’t fly
But if it does, well then, goodbye

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