My Car, Please

When last Mullah Omar, the former Taliban leader of Afghanistan was in public view, he was in a car heading out of Kabul for Pakistan when spotted by drones. Permission to fire on the fleeing car was denied by lawyers in Washington on the grounds that somebody might get hurt. Mullah Omar made his escape, and now rules the Taliban from Pakistan through an organization called the Quetta Shura, which makes all strategic decisions for the Taliban. The Pakistan Intelligence Services, the ISI, is on the side of the Taliban, and does not want them destroyed, viewing them as useful for blowing up hotels in Mumbai among other things. The ISI is very powerful among the Pakistani military, and the Pakistani military is very powerful among Pakistani politics and politicians, and there is much pressure being brought upon President Obama not to increase troop strength in Afghanistan. It would appear this is why President Obama is now waffling on his commitment to destroy the Taliban and put Osama bin Laden in jail after a fair trial, in a civilian court of course. Is President Obama looking at Pakistani politics and measuring it against American politics? A fair question. As for Mullah Omar’s reaction to the American stance on Afghanistan, Verse-afire has come into possession of a letter written by an Omar aide to a colleague in the front lines in Afghanistan, which is reproduced below.    



When Mullah Omar speaks to me

He speaks in terms of victory

And scorns the likes of those who demand peace

Where peace is just surrender-lite

And fear of darkness and the night

Lead western men to stop and holler “Cease!”

The Mullah often does relate

How Allah intervened his fate

When Ami drones were flying overhead

As racing in his car he feared

A missile soon would singe his beard

Yet missile never came as on he fled

He smiles now as he then recalls

How Ami lawyers had no balls

And cautioned that the missile be held back

For fear that someone might be hurt

And at this point he’s sometimes curt

In sneering at the courage Amis lack

In thinking that a war is won

By dropping warheads by the ton

While trying not to hurt a country’s pride

We fight the Ami to the death

We fight till we have no more breath

And soon the Ami will be Allah’s bride

We’ll win this war he says with scorn

For every death there’s ten more born

Who’ll grow to hate the Ami in his bones

We’ll take the fight to Ami’s shore

And show the light of Islam pure

And turn their cities into tumbled stones