My Little Green Car

Where it came from I don’t know. What happened to it is forever a mystery. But I remember that wonderful day when I took the little girl next door for a ride.

I got my car when I was five
Pedal operated
I took my daily sidewalk drive
So laughingly elated
I asked the little girl next door
If she would like a ride
She paused and asked if I was sure
Then slipped in by my side
I put the pedals to the mat
And zipped on down the walk
So fast the wind took off my hat
So fast we couldn’t talk
I wonder where she is today
I think of her at times
And know that memory will play
With pedal cars and rhymes
The world slips past at frantic speed
We don’t know where we are
But time can’t change a small boy’s need
For a bright green pedal car

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