Smashing Down The Walls

There are those who claim the Constitution is in shreds and the walls are down, and the leaders of both the Democratic and Republican Party have led the way in smashing them. I dunno, but that’s not the way I see it at all. From my vantage point it is only one political party smashing down walls, and that is the radical leftist controlled Democratic Party, who have been smashing down Constitutional walls for decades, culminating with the corruption of the Clintons and the utter lawlessness of Obama. What the country needs right now is a William Tecumseh Sherman.

To say both parties smash down walls
Is saying law and order
Is out despite repeated calls
By Trump to close the border
One Party seems to want race war
They set up cops for killing
We’ve seen this kind of thing before
The Left seems very willing
To tear down all the walls in sight
The Constitution worthless
We’re in the midst of Leftist blight
So maddened and so mirthless
The people who have raised up Trump
To fight for restoration
Of what we were when men like Cump
Restored a shattered nation
We need Cump Sherman with us now
The Left will not go quiet
They’ll smash it all, that is their vow
I say just let them try it

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