National Public Radio

Nina Totenberg of the liberal Democrat mouthpiece National Public Radio debated Charles Krauthammer on the necessity of continuing to subsidize NPR with taxpayers money. If I remember any of my high school German, Totenberg translates to Death Mountain, although Totenkopf seems more appropriate. And we all know, from two wars, that the Krauts can bring the hammer, as Charles does every night.



When liberals cannot compete

They suck upon the Federal teat

And claim theirs is the only news that’s fair

They say the children will be hurt

If they’re deprived of short-fused Bert

And scream that we must keep them on the air

But if their product is so grand

Why do they need the Federal hand

To reach into my pocket for my dough

If without me you can’t compete

Go suck upon another teat

And if you go away I say then go


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