The Abyss

The world stands on the brink of anarchy and the president of the United States does nothing. And the reason is obvious. He is in a job for which he is supremely unqualified. The world trembles and Barack Obama plays golf and parties. Young white women lusting after the cool, handsome black man have voted into office a man who seems not to notice the looming abyss. It is apparent the abyss is beneath his notice.



Down silent halls walk silent ghosts

Pale sentinels stand shadowed posts

The night seeps through the shuttered door

Concealing terrors in its core

Beyond the silent hall a room

Is filled with laughter not with gloom

Bright lights and dancing still hold sway

The dancers knowing not that day

Will not be dawning evermore

That darkness is their lot in store

Yes worlds may crumble, ruin reign

Hussein sees not the hurricane

And wonders why things are so grim

Not once conceding it is him


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