Under threat of assassination by a the Blood Tubs, disguised as a woman and guarded by armed Pinkerton agents, Abraham Lincoln stole into Washington DC in March of 1861 amid chaos and rebellion. One month later, April 12, 1861, in Charleston, South Carolina, Brigadier General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard gave the honor of firing the first shot of the war to a civilian, a small man named Edmund Ruffin. There has been, as yet, no firing on Fort Sumter moment, but it will come, though we do not yet know who or what will play the role of Edmund Ruffin. We are in a civil war, even though at the moment only one side is fighting. The problem for the side that is fighting, the Radical Left, is that the other side is bigger, stronger and better armed. It is commonly believed that half the country is radical Leftist, but it is not. Not everyone who voted Democrat wants to tear the country apart. That fraction of the Democrat Party we call the Radical Left is just that, a fraction, and it is they who are driving the country toward a Fort Sumter moment. And when it comes, the radical Left will be utterly destroyed, the few survivors curled up in a foetal position and crying for their mommas. It will not be the military or the police that will take them out, they are too disciplined to completely eradicate the scum. No, the job will be done by ordinary guys who have had enough. Cop killing Black Lives Matter, you are warned. Black clothed masked rioters paid by George Soros, you are warned. Political enablers of anarchy, you are warned. A man named Edmund Ruffin thought it would be fun to pull the lanyard and send an iron ball hurtling toward a big, brick fort sitting in the middle of Charleston harbor. Just having some fun. There are a lot of Edmund Ruffins running around, egged on by the press, their professors, the Democrat Party. You are warned. Beware the enraged white man, for none of you, not the radicals, not the press, not the professors, not the Democrat Party, will like Reconstruction.

While you’re chanting death to Whitey you demand we bend the knee
And confess our sins and cower but you will not hear our plea
To be left alone to lead our lives without your screaming fits
As you trash our Constitution and you tear our laws to bits
A hard working man is privileged because his skin is white
While elitist college snowflakes burn down buildings as their right
You are lucky little children that so far no Sumter act
Just the steady drip harassment till the boiling becomes fact
It is then that you will find that you have seen your final sun
And your dying eyes discover pulling lanyards is no fun

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