Sanctuary – from Sanctum Sanctorum, the Holy of Holies. In the Christian Church the sanctuary is where the altar is. In medieval times any miscreant who gained the sanctuary of the nearest church was safe from the ire of the king. San Francisco, among many other cities, has declared itself a sanctuary for criminal illegal aliens, keeping them safe from the brutal fascist Federal law enforcement. It would seem the only sanctum sanctorum in San Francisco is the gay bathhouse.

The Donald says he’ll cut off funds
To sanctuary cities
And that defiance of the law
Will lead to ringered titties
With giant rollers squeezing hard
On nippled sanctuaries
And causing much financial pain
Just ask the actuaries
Defiance lasts only so long
Then watch the cities holler
When Donald puts on them the hurt
And cuts off every dollar
We’ve got a sheriff now in town
Who doesn’t take no sasses
He’s got a six gun on his hip
And he’s for kicking asses

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