No Consequences

Former Senator Chuck Hagel, a breathtakingly incompetent man, has been selected to be our next Secretary of Defense, confirming us in our belief that Obama wants above all to destroy the military of the United States, along with destroying the economy. But Hagel isn’t the only incompetent Obama has placed in high position. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State is one of many. And it isn’t only the administration. The Democrat Senate has just seated Robert Menendez of NJ as the chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations committee, despite his fondness for underage Dominican Republic prostitutes, and his involvement with a wealthy Florida doctor who gave much money to the Menendez campaign in return for Menendez’s help in getting a billion dollar port security contract from the government of the Dominican Republic. There are no consequences any more for being incompetent or for being corrupt, so long as you belong to the right political party. It can now be truly said that the federal government is indeed the chains that bind us.


No consequence

No wan suspense

They’re safe upon the ladder


Or smug pretense

They know it doesn’t matter

We won they smirk

Now get to work

You know we are your betters

So don’t complain

About your pain

You’ll love your brand new fetters