Non-sequitor Of State

Cuzbuzz has been following Hillary Clinton’s visit to Africa. (Just keep scrolling.) In Kinshasa, the Congo, she flew into a rage at a question about her husband, and in Nigeria she said the 2000 US presidential election was stolen. This is not her first display of incompetence for the job. We all remember her fabulously successful visit to Mexico City early on, when she visited the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a major Roman Catholic shrine. The story of the shrine is that in December, 1531, an Aztec convert name Juan Diego was visited on the road by the Virgin Mary and told to build a church on the site. The bishop demanded a miracle to prove his story, and the Virgin Mary caused Spanish roses to bloom. When Juan Diego handed the roses to the bishop, they fell from Diego’s apron, revealing an image of the Virgin Mary on the apron cloth. The cloth with the image is on display and the object of deep veneration. When shown the cloth she asked who painted it, and was told God painted it. She showed her core Bush hating beliefs in Niger, but at least that wasn’t quite as bad as the Russians, who recently concluded a gas agreement with the Nigerian government, promptly named the new company Nigergaz. Hillary Clinton is ignorant and churlish, her recent actions possibly understood as a reaction to her realization that she is Secretary of State in name only, dispatched to completely irrelevant parts of the world while the real work is done by others, further magnified by the realization that she was played by the Obama people in order to get her out of the way for 2012.



At the Shrine of Guadalupe now

Our Sec of State let out as how

The Virgin’s image was so nicely painted

When told that God had worked the brush

She had the grace to primly blush

Then saw the painter’s name and promptly fainted

It makes you wonder what she’ll do

When faced with other people who

Believe in God and other things she smirks at

She doesn’t seem to have much sense

Of how her act has consequence

For country and department that she works at

She snaps at question ‘bout her hub

Whose glowing press just seemed to rub

Her in the hardest place she had to scratch

She’s sent to places in the past

That State would surely think the last

Darn place on earth the Sec they would dispatch

  So now she’s really in a snit

She knows she’s truly out of it

The president and all his men have shown

That they have made her Sec State queen

To get her off the year 12 scene

And now her presidential chance has blown




One thought on “Non-sequitor Of State

  1. Michael Richie

    Very Clever piece! Our Secretary of State’s inequities shouldn’t be so easily manipulated and antagonized abroad, unless she’s just not up to the challenge!

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