Wired reports that a Mr. Peden, a schoolteacher, has redeveloped an abandoned Topeka, Kansas Cold War era Atlas intercontinental missile base into upscale housing, former missile silos once alive with men and hydrogen bomb tipped missiles now turned into comfy homes, with control rooms turned into Spiritual Rooms containing spiritual artifacts from around the globe. Word is the silo homes are selling briskly, especially to those who feel threatened by growing confrontations around the world.



I feel so safe when underground

Though it’s taken me a while-o

To get used to the lack of sound

In my new homey silo

Except at night in deepest dark

I seem to hear some ticking

And distantly a watch dog bark

And Geiger counters clicking

Along ‘bout dawn, say three or four

I sometimes hear a rumble

Like opening a far off door

And distant voices mumble

And in my dreams I see the keys

Slide firmly in position

And turn in twain with practiced ease

And then the shout, “Ignition!”

It’s then I wake up in a sweat

And thank the guys who manned it

And turned away the dire threat

In times that did demand it

I’m glad that Atlas played its part

In keeping us from frying

Thanks to the crews who from the start

Kept freedom’s flags a-flying



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