Obama And The Scorpion

The consulate in Benghazi burned, Americans killed and dragged through the streets, the president of Egypt saying the United States is between being an enemy and an ally, and rage against the United States has spread to other regions of the Muslim world. Obama has cast his lot and that of the country with the radical Islamists, and it is we who shall pay for it. Our leaders never seem to heed the warnings of those who know the Middle East best, and insist on allowing the scorpion to climb upon our back as we cross the river.


The Arab Spring has turned to Fall

In Egypt ancient gods resume

Their rightful place in pantheon

Harakhty soars, while sonic boom

Disturbs the gentle earth beneath

As o’er the mountain crest he climbs

Into the sun, Amon the great

As in DC Obama mimes

A white faced man trapped in a box

Who silently with stoic grace

Explores the bound’ries of his world

A look of pain upon his face

In Tunis too the gods have stirred

And stirring are now full awake

With Melqart Baal in full throat roar

Demanding blood his thirst to slake

Our puny minds think we command

And order universes play

The part we have assigned to them

But gods seem still to have their way

The Arab Spring has come full ‘round

From despots on our side at least

To scorpions upon our backs

But then that is the Middle East


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