Panzer Nicht

Professor Victor Davis Hanson, reflecting on the state of Europe, wonders if the world may one day soon be faced with yet again a German problem. But you cannot have an army without soldiers, you cannot have soldiers without men, and you cannot have men without boys. The women of Europe have chosen the pill over children, and pills do not make good soldiers. 



No more we’ll see the hob-nailed boots

The stuka screams, the panzer shoots

No more the crosses row on row

In flowered fields where poppies grow

The German wives are women still

But choose not children but the pill

For children interfere with fun

And thus they limit kids to one

Yes German wives are like the rest

Of womankind throughout the West

Who did collectively decide

That kin and nation suicide

Was better than a mother be

And so today the family tree

Has hit the rocks and hit the skids

With more grandparents than are kids

The hob-nailed boot has seen its last

Proud regiments are of the past

No stuka scream, no panzer roar

The West foreswore the art of war



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