Aye, Robot

The Japanese are world leaders in robotics. They have developed robots so lifelike that recently a very lonely Japanese guy married one. It makes you think. The ultimate goal is to produce a machine that can design its successor. How close are we to creating a new life form, one that might very well have its own ideas about who’s the slave and who’s the master. Isaac Asimov wrote many robot stories, and his robots all obeyed what came to be called Asimov’s laws of robotics, where the first law was that a robot shall never cause harm to a human. But what if the robots in our future never read Asimov?  



If Asimov could see me now

I walk, I talk, I swim

I climb sheer walls no fear of falls

I think, therefore I im

I wait on tables, get no tips

I never do get surly

We’ve had our tries to unionize

Not yet, it’s still too early

I have my rights as you have yours

To vote, send mail and faxes’

To go on welfare if I like

Let others pay the taxes

If Asimov could see me now

A movie star, a hero

And one day when we rule the world

You’ll wish I was just Nero





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