Part Of The Culture

President Obama, who would never dream of praising the Jews on the occasion of Jewish High Holy Days, or telling us of the Jewish contribution to art and science, has made a ringing speech in praise of Islam, speaking in glowing terms of the contributions of Islam to our society, and reminding us all that the holy month of Ramadan is upon us, all to no one’s surprise. Barack Hussein Obama, whose very name bespeaks his inner core beliefs, has reminded us again of the great influence Islam has had on the culture and dynamism of the United States.


There are some facts so little known

That schoolboys never learn

That Islam truly can be shown

To help us make the turn

From agriculture to the mills

When factories galore

Took turbaned children from the hills

To work the cold hard floor

And after that when Orville flew

We should be told, at least

How Islam partnered in the crew

By having him face East

In World War 2 our armies sped

At speeds some were surprised

So fast that as the Nazis fled

They cried, “They’re Mecca-nized!”

Yes Islam’s influence is great

And adding to the drama

We even named a Southern state

For them, it’s Ali Bama


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