To Golf Or Not To Golf

In a late night conversation with Vice-President Joe Biden, President Obama mourned the time lost on campaigning that could be better spent solving the problems of the world.


There’s things to do, there’s lives to save

Green jobs to build and roads to pave

And here I am, Joe, pressed for time

I’m fighting fit, still in my prime

The Middle East is now aflame

It’s worse right now than when I came

It worries me, that Putin stare

Despite the fact I’ve kissed the bear

It’s Israel that I must watch

Yes, thank you Joe, I’ll have more scotch

This damn election’s in the way

Of things that I could do today

To make the world a better place

But no, I’ve got to run this race

It’s pander that and pander this

And crying babies I must kiss

And raising money at each stop

I tell ya, Joe, they make me hop

But first things first, I always say

And that is why I’m on my way

To campaign stops at break of dawn

And that is why, while I am gone

I look to you to solve the mess

The world is in, for I confess

That I’m too busy just right now

And Valerie will show you how

It’s over soon and then we’ll see

It’s golf time, Joe, just you and me


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