Virulent Islam is a pathogen, an infectious agent that brings disease upon everything it touches. We should have no mercy on a religion that demands of its adherents that they kill the infidel wherever and whenever they find him. We should have no mercy on those who saw the heads off bound and helpless live captives. We should have no mercy on people who use women and children as shields behind which to fight, people who pretend to be friend then kill you at first chance. Enough. They want to return to the eleventh century? Let’s send them there. Kill the jihadis and cordon off the rest of the Muslim world so that it can infect the civilized world no longer.

All right let’s do the math again
What will kill the pathogen?
Fire stops disease before it spreads
Islam is a host diseased
From the time the host was seized
Now it’s time for bullets in their heads
Kill them in the streets on sight
Kill them in their beds at night
Make them martyrs, make their women weep
Kill them all by land and air
Build a cordon sanitaire
Show them that the West is not asleep
Only when the deed is done
Only when there is no fun
In beheading bound up helpless men
Lay them rotting in the fields
And when the last jihadi yields
Shoot him twice then shoot him once again

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