The Holder File

Attorney General Eric Holder announced his retirement yesterday. Every Attorney General is a friend and colleague of the president who appoints him, a friend and colleague the president can rely on to promote the president’s agenda, so we can hardly blame Holder for inciting race riots and selling guns to Mexican drug runners. Nor should we hold it against him for praising Black Panthers for threatening Republican voters at the polls with knives and baseball bats, for he heeded always his master’s voice. And surely he has the right to view the white man guilty and the black man an innocent victim. And even before he became Obama’s race baiter in chief, did he not pardon the Puerto Rican murderers who killed a restaurant full of white people in order to help Hillary win a Senate seat? Eric Holder has always been the guy his handlers use for their advantage, the man to climb down into the sewers of politics and see that the stink stays there. Obama and Holder are cut from the same shoddy cloth, and while they deserve each other, we didn’t deserve either of them.

No AG has been bolder
Than little Eric Holder
In pushing civil rights right to the wall
He’s made the world much colder
To white folks he’s a scolder
And blames them for each black stumble and fall
He’s worse as he gets older
He thinks he is a molder
Of men but all he molds is moldy mold
Mold that fills each Justice folder
Kept for every office holder
Just in case they do not do what they’ve been told
Lady Liberty must hold her
Nose as little Eric sold her
Like he sold the guns to Mexican cartels
And when questioned he just told her
To pound sand because he polled her
And found no one cares so long’s he hides the smells

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