Philadelphia 2016

Philadelphia will be the site of the Democratic Party’s presidential nominating convention in July, and depending on the FBI, it is unclear who will be the nominee. Hillary cannot shake the FBI and Bernie Sanders has vowed to fight on the convention floor, and with all of that the outcome is in doubt. Will she be indicted and if so will the Justice Department act on it? And if they do, and Hillary is asked by the DNC to withdraw in favor of Vice-president Joe Biden, will she do so or will she fight? I hope she is indicted and I hope she fights. I’m all for an entertaining Democrat convention, with the streets of Philadelphia full of tear gas and gang fights between the social justice warriors and Black Lives Matter.

The Democrats convene in Mr. Franklin’s Countrie Towne
Where Liberty resides in a bronze bell
And peaceful folk live side by side no matter black or brown
Vote Hillary if even in a cell
The gavel pounds, the noise abates, two nominations made
Indictment quashed, it’s Hillary and Bern
The race is on and delegates are very keen to trade
With Hill ahead of Bernie at the turn
Down to the wire, neck and neck, loud cheering fills the hall
A photo finish and it quiets down
The restive crowd is stunned to find that no one’s won at all
And cast about for one to wear the crown
Obama rises from his seat, a shouted, ”It’s the One!”
And says he’ll run again if it’s his fate
He says that after three or maybe four terms then he’s done
He’ll save the country if it’s not too late
Old Bernie screams he has the votes and will not stand aside
Bill Clinton takes the stage and calms the crowd
My wife, he says, has given all, with nothing there to hide
And while I love Barack he’s not allowed
Vote Hillary and I’ll be there, Bill Clinton said, and urged
The delegates remember ‘92
And hearing that the delegates all rose and fairly surged
Toward an old man who stood just out of view
The Party bosses took command and much to the surprise
Of all who thought that Hillary would win
The delegates with one accord awarded the great prize
To Biden who just grinned his goofy grin

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