Pirouette Or Perotette

Donald Trump has a commanding lead, though it is early yet, in the polls among Republican primary voters, particularly in the critical swing states of Ohio and Florida, despite his raving rants against Fox News and Megyn Kelly. Trump, a long-time registered Democrat, a man who espouses every article of the Progressive agenda, supports Obamacare, hires thousands of illegal aliens for their cheap labor, and who has contributed to Hillary’s campaigns, is now running for the Republican nomination for president and who threatens a Third Party run if not nominated. Has Trump recently traveled the Damascus Road and now sees the light? Has he done a complete pirouette and has now renounced his progressive past, or is this a planned Perotette. a rerun of the Ross Perot campaign in 1992 that delivered the presidency to Hillary’s husband. If Trump gets Hillary elected president, then the country is doomed to Third World status and one party Socialist utopian rule far into the future.

The Donald, now, leads in the polls
The darling of the downtrod proles
For Hillary he’ll grease the skids
With votes from those with closed eyelids
A Clinton White House, oh what joy
The country the Dem Party’s toy
The health care system bites the dust
Death panels economic must
With Huma the First Lady now
And all the crazies yelling WOW!

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