The Movie

Bismarck once famously said that if war comes it will be because of some damn fool thing in the Balkans. War came in 1914, and we are now re-running the movie, this time because of some damn fool thing in the Middle East. Only the damn fool thing in the Middle East was done by President Barack Obama when he deliberately changed victory to defeat in Iraq and created chaos by pulling down dictators who were doing us no harm and replacing them with Islamic killers determined to destroy us and all our works. And so we shall have nuclear war as Obama’s secret deals with Iran have put them on the path to nuclear weapons and Israel defends itself. All are drawn in as city after city foes up in towering clouds of turbulence and black smoke, as Vera Lynn sings the closing song from Dr. Strangelove,  We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when…..

This movie we have seen before
The script is brief and calls for war
And all because behind the door
Lurk monsters in the dark
The secret deal, the shaded wink
Will save us all, or so some think
Believing other guys will blink
But secret dogs still bark
Events will shape the world not men
As seen before, now seen again
There is no If but only When
And life comes grim and stark
The children cry and women mourn
As lives and land alike are torn
As on winged hooves black death is borne
When tinder flashes spark

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