Politics By Other Means

Clausewitz once described war as politics by other means. Lt. Col Daniel Davis, a serving officer, veteran of Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraq, recently concluded, after spending a year in Afghanistan to report on equipment, that the entire Afghan war as fought by the Obama administration by a fraud, driven by spin to make the president look good. Davis’s conclusions coincided with the conclusions of Anthony Cordesman, a respected military analyst and correspondent, who wrote that the Afghan war was being run on a political template, where the difficulties were glossed over and the small successes highlighted, with operations conducted with no apparent tangible goal. You may remember that the Democrats in Congress tried mightily to lose Bush’s Iraq war, believing that losing the war would result in Democrat election victories. And so it seems that wars, whether run by Republican presidents or Democrats, are considered by the Democrats to be not wars to be won, but elections to be won.



War was once just politics

We fought by other means

But now a war is just a play

Put on with shifting scenes

Where actors stand in shadowed light

And say each scripted word

While knowing that the words are false

Yet going with the herd

We once had Democrats who felt

That winning wars was right

But that has changed with Dems today

Who vow they will not fight

For God and country any more

No matter right the cause

Unless a Democrat’s in charge

And then they’ll briefly pause

To say the war’s a holy war

The good war we must win

And then they do as Dems will do

Send men to die for spin

That shows the president is skilled

And pure in heart and wise

All while the lapdog MSM

Feeds us the same old lies



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