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Politics By Other Means

Clausewitz once described war as politics by other means. Lt. Col Daniel Davis, a serving officer, veteran of Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraq, recently concluded, after spending a year in Afghanistan to report on equipment, that the entire Afghan war as fought by the Obama administration by a fraud, driven by spin to make the president look good. Davis’s conclusions coincided with the conclusions of Anthony Cordesman, a respected military analyst and correspondent, who wrote that the Afghan war was being run on a political template, where the difficulties were glossed over and the small successes highlighted, with operations conducted with no apparent tangible goal. You may remember that the Democrats in Congress tried mightily to lose Bush’s Iraq war, believing that losing the war would result in Democrat election victories. And so it seems that wars, whether run by Republican presidents or Democrats, are considered by the Democrats to be not wars to be won, but elections to be won.



War was once just politics

We fought by other means

But now a war is just a play

Put on with shifting scenes

Where actors stand in shadowed light

And say each scripted word

While knowing that the words are false

Yet going with the herd

We once had Democrats who felt

That winning wars was right

But that has changed with Dems today

Who vow they will not fight

For God and country any more

No matter right the cause

Unless a Democrat’s in charge

And then they’ll briefly pause

To say the war’s a holy war

The good war we must win

And then they do as Dems will do

Send men to die for spin

That shows the president is skilled

And pure in heart and wise

All while the lapdog MSM

Feeds us the same old lies



Nostradamus, Guest Blogger, Volume 1

Time is an illusion. Time is not nature’s way of seeing to it that everything doesn’t happen all at once, for everything did happen all at once, one time, at the singularity. The concept of time reflects man’s imperfect grasp of reality, necessitated by his inability to understand that there is no such thing as time. And since everything happened all at once, there is a record of everything, a record we see as time, unfolding in its irreversible way. That record has the account of everything that happened, including those things we think of as in the future. I, Nostradamus, do not claim special powers, but I have been given access to those records.



Late Spring will see the bankers weeping

New regs by government in keeping

Will cause the liquid base to flow

In ever faster volume go

The failings gather as may be

With prayers to the FDIC


The summer sees a blinding flash

As two religious peoples clash

One religion has the power

To name the date and name the hour

The other gains to live by bluster

But force is something they can’t muster


The Fall will see the war increasing

The Kushmen fighting without ceasing

The soldiers of the Power fight

To make the Kushmen see the light

But Power CinC says whoa

This is as far as I can go



The Iranian Card

Continuing our revelations of yesterday of President Obama’s ultimatum to the Iranian mullahs in their October 1st meeting, Verse-afire has received a copy of the notes taken by the Iranian interpreter, revealing what the president and the mullahs actually agreed to. From the president’s perspective, he had a win-win if he played his cards right. If he allowed the generals to continue the war in Afghanistan as they have proposed despite clamors from his left wing base to close it down, two things are possible, and both are politically helpful. If the war is won, he will get the credit, but if he closes down the war and there is another attack on the United States by Al Qaeda, then he will get the blame. So he must continue the war. The problem is, Afghanistan is landlocked, with the only land corridor to the fighting fronts through Taliban infested Pakistan. What Obama needs, if he is to dramatically increase troop strength, is safe and sure logistics, and that safe and sure route lies through Iran. What happened next was Realpolitick at its finest.



Obama said to the mullahs if you help me in the Stans

I will look the other way and let you formulate your plans

To rid the world and people of a certain you know who

Just be sure you don’t inform me so I won’t know what you do

The mullahs smiled and said sure Jack just tell us what you want

And O winked back and said he needed something he can flaunt

To show the public back at home he’s really on the stick

I’ve got to give them something big and this will do the trick

The guys I’ve got, the money men, he said with great disdain

Are causing polling numbers to go circling round the drain

So what I need is access to the Afghan seat of war

I need your ports, I need your roads, I need your help much more

Then I could state in simple terms because it’s so complex

And if you give me what I need I think we’ll clear the decks

For you to gain complete control of what you say is yours

And in the process make Israelis grovel on all fours

To grovel them is not our goal the mullahs winked and laughed

No doubt you think us crazy and no doubt you think us daft

But total ’nihilation is what this is all about

We don’t want them to holler and we don’t want them to shout

We want the sons of pigs and dogs in silent heaps to lay

So that is what we want and are you now prepared to pay

Done and done said O as he prepared to board his plane

I don’t know what you’re gonna do but if my numbers gain

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours and when I leave the room

I’ll know you’ve kept your bargain when I’ve heard that great big BOOM



Victory Or Debt

The New York Times reports on the struggle between the White House and the General commanding in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal, over Afghan war policy. Some months ago President Obama fired General David McKiernan and appointed General McChrystal to win the war candidate Obama said was the good war, the war we should have been fighting instead of the bad war, Iraq. But now the president is having second thoughts about the goodness of the Afghan war, and looks to be getting ready to pull the plug. General McChrystal, in the meantime, has submitted a plan for winning the war, and has said he will resign if the president decides he does not want victory in Afghanistan. And since the president has saddled the taxpayers with massive trillions of dollars of debt into the long foreseeable future, it looks like the president has called for victory or debt, and has chosen debt, with or without honor.



General McChrystal will turn in his pistol

If Barack Obama won’t show

His Afghan intention and may we just mention

His attitude toward Qaeda foe

He said on the stump into Afghan he’d jump

And throw old bin Laden in chains

But now he’s as dubious as Varro and Publius

When told Hannibal’d made no gains

He’s thinking it over is Barack the rover

Who thinks he’s an eagle on high

But deep in the clover lies Barack the plover

Not sure which decision to buy

The problem with Afghan for Barack is he can

Not see where the politics lies

He’s afraid of his Left and so now he’s bereft

Of all but soft whimpers and sighs