Predictions For 2010

Having peered into a magic crystal ball and having dealt hundreds of hands of tarot cards, the swamis at verse-afire offer their predictions for the coming year. It cannot be too often stressed that you are cautioned not to bet the rent money on any of it.



The coming months will see the flames

Of many men and many names

As White House men and White House girls

Are swept aside in ‘Bama swirls


Chicago gals, Chicago guys

Will only see their fortunes rise

As ‘Bama hunkers down inside

The White House on his downward ride


The winter with its cold and snow

Will cause the global warmists woe

As temperatures go in decline

But Mr. Gore will do just fine


The Persians will before year’s out

See a bomb without a doubt

But it won’t be what they have nursed

As Israel will get there first


The New York Times on their page one

Will show a picture of the sun

And claim the picture clearly shows

That there will never be more snows


An angry mob will storm the gates

As White House staffers fill the crates

With all two hundred years and more

Of history and close that door


In 2010 men will unearth

Clear proof that one Obama’s birth

Was not the same as B. Hussein’s

And were arrested for their pains


The Eagles defense will not bend

But still their season’s at an end

As Donovan and good Trent Cole

Will once more miss the Super Bowl


The Phillies play good ball and beat

The Yankees when next time they meet

In the World Series 2010

And after that they’ll win again



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