In North Korea, Kim Jong Un has had his uncle killed for not clapping at one of his speeches, while in England a Mr. Trenton Oldfield was arrested for disrupting the boat race between Oxford and Cambridge on grounds it was elitist. Western civilization has reached the point where there is no room for proportionality. In the minds of most the disruption of the life style of the snail darter is a tragedy, while the killing of millions of pre-born babies is viewed as a constitutional right. There is no one and no thing that is not worthy of our compassionate concern.

We mourn for Kim’s dead uncle
We care for Oldfield too
We sneer at Oxbridge and the boys
Who make up each boat’s crew
We’re filled with much compassion
For thugs without reserve
Who can’t be blamed for what they do
Or get what they deserve
We justify the trespass
Forgive the ones who kill
We pay for those who will not work
And scorn the ones who will

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