Proud And Defiant

As Greece voted to continue to take other people’s money and Spanish debt was rising to unsustainable heights, threatening to bring down the entire Eurozone, President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso arrived at the G20 Summit in Mexico and instructed the assembled nations that he had not come to be lectured on economics. He did, however, expect the assembled nations to pony up money to save the Spanish banks, and thereby save the Euro, saying that not to do so would lead to the collapse of the European Union, and that, of course, would mean that he and the rest of the European Leftists would be out of cushy and very high paying jobs, and we wouldn’t want that, would we.


I come to you defiant, proud

No sign of hat in hand

To speak to this G20 crowd

In terms not base but grand

We come here to be lectured not

On matters a to zed

Or how our banks and credit got

So deeply in the red

We come to tell the world through you

We will accept, for free

Your money, which is, in our view

A gift from you to me

It’s in your interest that you save

Us from these parlous straits

For if you don’t then from the grave

We’ll pull you to your fates

So pony up, let’s see the dough

The moola and the cash

And if you don’t then you should know’

We might do something rash

Like bring the whole thing crashing down

The whole world now on dole

With cries of woe from every town

And death from pole to pole


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