Entropy is another way of saying ‘winding down’, and what we are seeing is the winding down of the brief life of a pustule called ISIS, a violent and stinking eruption of a murderously savage cult determined to commit suicide by cop. They will get their wish, but the longer the cops take to get there, the longer the cult lives to commit its savagery, the greater will be the final number of bodies piled up from the Pillars of Hercules to the gates of Nineveh.

The corpses of jihadis
Piled up in fields and wadis
Lay rotting stiff and stinking in the sun
The martyred dead lay sleeping
As dusk comes slowly creeping
Announcing that the pustule’s life is done
Dusk that finds the women wailing
Blaming all the men for failing
To destroy the infidel as God commands
With the dawn there come the breezes
Gentle wind that slowly eases
All the rotting corpses ‘neath the drifting sands
But the pustule is in hiding
Death may come but it is biding
Time before it stirs and raises up its head
To again begin the killing
Until the West is willing
To lance the pustule ‘til completely dead

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