Race Relations

Millions voted for Senator Barack Obama under the very much mistaken belief that the election of a Black man to the presidency of the United States would bring an end to the difficult race relations that had grown in size and bitterness over the years. Instead of pouring oil on troubled waters, the elected savior proceeded to inflame race relations to a high not seen since the race riots of the 1960s. The disillusioned shrug and say there was no way they could have known, but of course there was, for many of us did not believe for one moment that the slick talking Black man was a hearer of hurts and unifier of races.

He charmed them all, the ladies most
The smile, the cool, the practiced charm
Bright hope and change was his proud boast
His message soft, with no alarm
As president he made the choice
That he alone defined the law
Disdain for whites was in his voice
Delighted he in rubbing raw
The cops when he always excused
Black criminals as being wronged
By racist cops who then abused
The innocent who just belonged
To people who looked just like him
And had a perfect right to live
Without the cops taking a dim
View of the gun and sharpened shiv
Found on the suspect as he ran
From the police when they arrived
Just as the robbery began
Two cops got shot, sadly survived
One thing I know that is for sure
Obama thinks that his side wins
His legacy will be race war
And he can’t wait till it begins

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