We are witnessing the destruction and death of Western European civilization, the cradle of art and science, because of unrestrained and pernicious multi-culturalism. The glue that holds any society together is language and religion. The scourge of multi-culturalism, which has gripped the West for many years now, insists that all peoples are alike, and therefore a multi-cultural society is not only a successful society but a better one, and to a degree this is true. The United States is a good example of a successful limited multi-cultural society, where various ethnic peoples were assimilated despite differences in language and religion. But the United States was and still is a limited multi-cultural society in that learning English was demanded of its immigrants and the immigrants were, in overwhelming numbers, Christians. The problem with unlimited multi-culturalism comes when people who are let in do not speak the language of the host society, and are not required to learn it, and who are, moreover, of a different and antagonistic religion. When such people are permitted or invited into a society whose culture is viewed by the immigrants as illegitimate, the nation, as the numbers of those immigrants increase, becomes threatened. Thus the recent flood of Muslim immigrants into Europe will ultimately result in the destruction of European society, since the immigrants have no language, cultural or religious relationship whatever with their hosts, and thus, when the Muslim population achieves numerical superiority, as they will due to declining European birthrates, they will change the European culture into their own distinctly different culture. In the United States, the Latin immigrants will ultimately learn the English language on their own, for their own economic advancement, but they are already of the same religious culture, and thus the immigration problem for the United States is not the destruction of the culture, but a political problem, in that the politics, but not the culture, will change significantly.

The siren song of cheap imported labor
Combined with multi-cultural decay
Will soon set a war neighbor ‘gainst neighbor
And those who have the will will gain the day
The Muslim immigrant knows he is fated
To rule in Andalus and he shall strike
To topple people passive, sick and sated
By dogmas that proclaim all men alike
And so the end is near for once great peoples
Who ruled the world by trade and law and guns
Who watch the Muslim burning of the steeples
And giving up as slaves their girls and sons

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